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Buah Pelajau

Buah Pelajau (Pentaspadon motley). I used to walk pass it in the forest. Until, one day I conducted a study on the fruit. It turned out to be a harvested fruit mainly by the locals as it is an edible food.

Pokok Pelajau or Pelajau tree could easily grow up to 50 metres tall. The local villagers say it is also used for medicine. The bark or the wood from the tree is particularly good for flooring (Pelajau timber). The sap from the Pelajau tree is used as oil against skin diseases. The fruits are edible regardless if you want to eat it fresh or roasted.

I was fortune enough to witness the Meriuk farmstay local farmer how to prepare a dessert as shown in the picture. The ingredients were Green Bean, Durian, Rock Sugar, and the Pelajau fruit.

I also lucky too since I was able to test the dessert. Wow! It is really delicious not so sweet, light durian taste without the smell and the crunching chew of the Pelajau nut. Really delicious, another bowl please? Hahaha

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